Collecting Art: N.C. Winters

"Overflow" by N.C. Winters

As you may know I already own an original painting by N.C. Winters, but when we had a group exhibition roll through Distinction Gallery, which featured a few of N.C. Winters’ work, I knew I could not pass up this opportunity.  N.C. Winters made available these limited edition prints for the show.  This piece really spoke to me.  I had just finished reading the book “A Wiseman’s Fear” by Patrick Rothfuss.  There was a particular character in the book that looked exactly like this image, well what I imagined it to look like.  I could not have described/painted it better than Winters.  I’m not sure what he was intending to paint, but this was spot on in my book.. eh… er… or… Patrick Rothfuss’ book!  In any case, this was my favorite character, and I had to have it! … So I did!

by N.C. Winters
Giclee on Paper
13 x 16 inches