MUSES: Drawing Among Talent

Figure Drawing with Greg Evans!


It has been quite awhile since I last joined a Live Figure Drawing Group.  ArtHatch (AKA Distinction Gallery) has recently started up a new group.  Knowing this, I decided to join in on the first night!  This was really exciting!  Much to my surprise that night, the very talented and famous Greg Evans (creator of the Luann Comic-Strip) showed up to draw with me and my other fellow artists including Victor Roman, SonyArletta, and Melissa Inez Walker. I was among good company and fine talent that evening! Our model was beautiful and I created some great sketches from her. I’m definitely looking forward to the next drawing group. I wonder whom and what other talents I will run into!

In this photo, Left: Greg Evans, Center: Elena Karavodin, Right: SonyArletta