MUSES: Virtual Eden

With no expectations or preconceived notions, I headed to the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego last Sunday in search of art. I had heard a general account about the current exhibition, but nothing could describe fully what I would be walking into, which in my own words is: The most beautiful art installation I have seen to date. Period. While first trudging my way through the sterile front gallery, I came upon a blackened narrow hallway.  Carefully making my way through the darkness, I was suddenly enveloped in a neon tangle of flowers, branches and leaves, silently swaying to and fro. This was my oasis. Jennifer Stienkamp’s digital installationMCASD2 entitled “Madame Curie” is a towering virtual Garden of Eden. The entire south wing of the gallery is dedicated to this exhibit, using 3 walls, from the bottom to top.  Depicting a number of flowers from Marigolds, May Flowers, Chestnut Blooms and more, I was surprised by the natural fluidity and complexity generated by this digital work. Luckily, the hall was practically empty of people, allowing me to fully absorb my surroundings. I felt weightless, euphoric and illuminated. I am so glad that I happened upon this amazing exhibit.  It has provided me with a world of inspiration, and I highly recommend visiting the exhibit before it disappears. Fortunately, it will be open until January of 2012. For more information visit:

Jennifer Steinkamp: Madame Curie Jan 23, 2011–Jan 02, 2012 at MCASD Downtown, Jacobs Building

Enjoy, Elena